Wrecking Ball Smashes Into Overwatch

After some juicy tinkering over on the trusty Overwatch PTR, Hammond Wrecking Ball is rolling in as the newest member of Overwatch, coming in as the seventh Tank hero on the roster.

Aise from his cute face, Wrecking Ball is equipped with tools of both destruction and strategy, including automatic-firing Quad Cannons to take down foes from a distance, a Minefield for setting traps or lighting up a pre-existing battle, and an adaptive shield generator to provide more protection from nearby enemies.

Wrecking Ball also brings a whole new type of mobility to the Tank roster, being able to turn into, well an actual rolling ball of fluffy death, use his Grappling Claw to propel himself and damage enemies with high-speed collisions, and deliver a devastating skull crushing piledrive to enemies unfortunate enough to find themselves under the little dude and his bouncy ball.

To learn more about Wrecking Ball, check out his hero page over in the land of Blizzard.

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