Xbox One’s Online Store Introduces Game Gifting

Xbox One’s Online Store Introduces Game Gifting

According to Engadget, exciting news comes from Microsoft as they announce that the long awaiting game gifting feature is now available for Xbox One titles purchases through the console’s store.

The downside to this announcement is the unfortunate fact that this feature is currently only available to Xbox Insiders.

On a higher note, however, the gifting feature will also include some Windows 10 games that support Play Anywhere!

For those interested in using this feature currently, you have one of two options when sending your digital gift.

Firstly, you can send a title directly to one of your Xbox One friends, but if you aren’t interested in utilising that feature, Microsoft has a second gifting method in which you send a title to a friend’s email address.

When using the email address method, your giftee can expect to receive a code in which they will need to redeem in order to claim their newly gifted title.

For those familiar with Steam’s gifting service, these methods and this service come as no surprise and aren’t anything new. Keep in mind though, that these processes and the service as a whole are currently only available for Xbox Insiders, and the gifting process and service may change upon its release to the public (though it’s highly doubtful that much will change).

So, what do you guys think of this feature? Will you be using it when Christmas time comes, or will you be giving it a pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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