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Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Will Bring Huge Improvements To Your Old Games

Look to the past with HDR

Next-gen is fast approaching and Microsoft is not playing around when it comes to backwards compatibility. The green group dropped a chunky blog post outlining the Xbox Series X’s approach to playing One and 360 games and it’s pretty damn impressive. The blog is worth giving a read for yourself, but to save you some time we’ll give you the highlights.

After over 100,000 hours of playtesting, the Xbox team has managed to expand the list of backwards compatible games that will play on the Xbox Series X to over 1,000. The titles are from each generation of Xbox, from the Original Xbox right through to the One. The blog post claims that these games range from the big hitter AAAs, right down to cult classics.

These backwards compatible game will run natively on the Series X and will be able to fully utilise the console’s SSD, CPU and GPU, meaning that the games will be able to run as they were originally intended, if not better. This will also allow for an increase in resolution for older games and a “significant reduction in in-game load times”.

The Series X will feature an “innovative HDR reconstruction technique” that allows for the console to automatically add HDR support without impacting the game’s performance. This technology allows for HDR to be applied to Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games that originally launched prior to HDR’s inception.

The Xbox Series X’s quick resume feature, allowing you to pick up where you left off with a previously paused title, can be enabled for backwards compatible games.

Select titles will take advantage of “new techniques” that gives you the choice to double the game’s framerate from 30fps to 60fps and from 60fps to 120fps.

If you are keen to give the full blog post a read, head on over to the Xbox Website.

What are your thoughts on Xbox Series X approach to backwards compatibility? Are you keen for the next-gen consoles? Let us know.

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