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343i Explains The Delay Of Halo: Reach PC’s “FireFlight”

The flight is just out of reach

Halo players have been awaiting any news regarding Halo: Reach on PC. After successfully going through their first flight a little over a month ago, things were looking up for a steady build into its inevitable release on PC. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and the previously scheduled PC flight for Halo: Reach covering its Firefight mode was delayed. Taking to a blog via Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries has outlined why exactly the FireFlight was delayed.

The short answer is that we chose to hold back FireFlight due to severe blocking bugs. While we continue working to address and solve those bugs, the challenges proved insurmountable to release the flight in July. Our goal when preparing for flights is to ensure that the experience hits the necessary quality bar to deliver an effective and successful flight for both Halo Insiders as well as 343 Industries. While we strive to ensure we run our flights on a timely basis, ensuring the effectiveness of the flight must take priority. – 343i via Halo Waypoint

Blocking bugs are bugs which are considered big enough or severe enough to prevent a flight from functioning as intended. As a result, FireFlight was delayed. This is not to say that flights are bug-free, it’s just a matter of trying to mitigate and fix these bugs before going through the later rings of the flight tests. Rings are the stages, the later the ring, the broader the spectrum of people included in the test. Ring 0 is purely internal, whereas Ring 3 includes Halo Insider group members based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The five current Ring 2 blockers are:

  • Security solution does not auto-install once the game is installed
  • Long delays in menus accompanied by matchmaking errors can happen
  • Opening the settings, menu during gameplay can cause the roster to stay stuck on screen
  • Frame loss can be experienced in various menus when plaued in higher resolutions
  • Crash is present sometimes when a matchmade Firefight game starts

It definitely sounds like 343i has a lot of work on their plate with bringing the 2011 classic to PC. If nothing else, their honesty and transparency has to be admired. They go into further detail about the next steps for the next Halo Insider flight which you can read here.

Halo: Reach was originally released for the Xbox 360 back in 2011 and is the first game being brought to PC as a part of the Master Chief Collection.

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