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7 Tasty Current-Gen Easter Eggs For You To Mung On This Easter

Let yourself go, you’ve earned it

Ah, Easter. The perfect excuse to be unhealthy and consume as much chocolate as your body can handle before you slip into a sugar coma for a month or ration your chocolate out until the following Easter where you get to do it all again. It’s also a great time to go to church a lot if that’s your jam.

Here at WellPlayed, we love our Easter eggs and their chocolatey goodness, particularly when we get them mixed in with our favourite games that reference other sweet things in pop culture. So we thought we would share with you seven tasty morsels of current-gen Easter egg goodness for you to shame eat in the shower.

We must engage in Mortal Kombat For Honor

Starting off our list, we have the Crème Egg, where its gooey centre just melts in your mouth and pops with decadent flavour and intriguing mix of textures. Wait, what? We aren’t actually reviewing chocolate Easter eggs? Damn.

Anyhow, starting off our actual list is the little Easter egg hidden in the background of the Sanctuary Map of For Honor. If you look off into the distance, you may notice some iconic fighters on a bridge. They are none other than Scorpion and Sub-Zero, referencing the epic fight in the Pit level of the original Mortal Kombat. Hopefully you have the time to discover this hidden Easter egg before someone comes along to try and slice off your head (or you get disconnected from the server in classic For Honor style).

Image credit:

Dishonor to those who bear a Dark Soul

Dishonored 2 was a good game, and its standalone addition Death of the Outsider brought even more fun to the table. Not only did it do this, but it added a subtle nod to one of the hardest series in gaming history, Dark Souls.

On the roof of the bank in the third mission, looking forward, the firepit is located on the far right end of the roof. This bonfire is a reference to Dark Souls and its iconic checkpoints that are easily one of the most welcome sights in the game, as well as one you’ll be seeing incredibly often when you respawn after the game once again succeeds in crushing you and your pathetic spirit.

Image credit: Reddit user Wills1998

Somebody once told me…

Ark: Survival Evolved may be one of the quirkier games to come out this generation. But it couldn’t get anymore fun than taming dinosaurs and building amazing forts to lure in unsuspecting victims just to loot all their stuff, right?


Deep within the game’s expansion Ragnarok, obscured in the jungle, you can hear Smash Mouth’s All Star playing 24/7. Just kidding about that part (thank God), but you can find Shrek’s Swamp, including his mud house and it is fully explorable!

Check out the video from YouTube channel KingSgaming below:

Timesplitting the Revolution

Although Homefront: The Revolution was a broken mess at launch, and overall not a good game (unless you ask WellPlayed’s Managing Editor Zach Jackson), it did have one redeeming factor: it had fully playable levels from TimeSplitters 2.

All the player has to do to trigger these Easter eggs is reach the game’s restricted areas, find the area called the Bourse, go upstairs, find a broken arcade cabinet, and hey, presto! You are now playing levels from TimeSplitters 2!

Image credit: Steam user Dutchoper72

Double the Doom, Double the Wolfenstein, double the flavour?

This may seem like a bit of a cop-out featuring two games as one on the list, but because they were developed by the same game company we feel we’re justified in doubling up here.

Both in the Doom and the Wolfenstein Games of this generation, it is entirely possible to play the original games with new current-gen sprites. In Doom, you can find these old levels behind hidden walls. In Wolfenstein: The New Order, you can play the original levels by falling asleep on roll out beds in certain levels and in Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, simply walk up to the Arcade Cabinet in the Main Base, located in the Bar Quarters to play the original Wolfenstein in all of its 64-Bit glory!

Image credit: Imgur user Loo1

The entire sky was a battlefield in World War I. Zeppelins, planes and…flying houses?

Who would have thought that EA and DICE were big Disney fans? So much so that they actually included the flying house attached to balloons in Battlefield 1.

In the They Shall Not Pass DLC, DICE created a secret Easter egg with its own quest to activate it. When spawning in on Verdun Heights, you have to first seek out three hidden bottles of wine. Shoot these bottles and then find three more rooster weathervanes and shoot them too. If you hit them in the right order and look to the sky, you should see Carl’s floating house from the movie Up take flight.

Check out the video from YouTube channel jackfrags below:

The saddest egg is the best egg

The Nintendo Switch has been a whopping great success for Nintendo. And well, after the flop of the Wii U, it is no surprise that Nintendo needed to find innovation once again and this time market their newest console a lot better. The Nintendo Switch has proven to a lot of gamers that it could hold its own against far more powerful consoles and PCs, with a unique hybrid of home and on-the-go gaming that has struck a chord with the gaming masses. But not only is the Switch a step towards the future of gaming, it also gives a little nod to Nintendo’s proud history and one its greatest heroes.

On the Nintendo Switch, if you set the clock to July 11, (or simply wait until this date), you can play the very first game from Nintendo’s former President and universally loved, Satoru Iwata. On this date, you can play Golf by performing Satoru Iwata’s iconic Nintendo Direct arm gestures with the Joy Cons.

But why this date? This date is when Satoru Iwata sadly passed away from cancer. Not only is it heartbreaking, but arguably one of the best Easter eggs of the current generation. Unfortunately this Easter egg has been removed and is no longer accessible.

Image credit: PC Mag

So there you have it, seven of our favourite gaming Easter eggs in this generation. Let us know some of your favourites below.

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