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A Halo Infinite Multiplayer Showcase Showed Off Gameplay And Gave Us Heaps Of New Info

That’s more like it

During yesterday’s Xbox and Bethesda E3 Showcase we a heap of announcements and closer looks at many exciting upcoming games, including the long-awaited Halo Infinite. Many would have assumed that this newest Halo instalment would be the centrepiece of Xbox’s Showcase, but instead, we got a very brief cinematic trailer for the campaign and a sneaky look at the free-to-play multiplayer.

Infinite’s all too brief appearance makes sense now, as a 12-minute long multiplayer deep-dive video has been posted that not only shows off the game’s multiplayer gameplay, but it also answered a lot of burning questions that we had.

Equipment is making a return, with favourites like Active Camo and Overshields being joined by new inclusions such as the Grapple that will allow you to get around arenas quickly as well as snag items from a distance. Vehicles will now degrade as they take damage, with various states offering changes to handling and utility before catching fire and eventually exploding. Speaking of which, the deep-dive introduced the Razorback, a new vehicle similar to the Warthog that features a storage compartment that will allow you to dart around the map without sacrificing your hard-earned gear. Vehicles will no longer just spawn at your base either, they’ll be airdropped in via Pelican, adding to the immersion.

Another new addition is the player’s personal AI. We all know and love Cortana and the bond she has (had) with Chief, and in Infinite you’ll have the chance to build that kind of bond with your own AI partner that you choose. Each AI has a different voice and style and they’ll give you updates and information as the match progresses.

Player’s customisation options was a big focus of the deep-dive, with Spartans, weapons and vehicles all having their own skins and armour coatings that can be unlocked. Each separate armour piece will be customisable and prosthetics will be making a debut in this game. You’ll also be able to customise your Spartan’s body type and voice, allowing for a more personalised player avatar.

Another big focus for this deep-dive was the game’s monetisation methods. It was stated very clearly that there won’t be any loot boxes, with Infinite instead running with the Battle Pass system. Interestingly, Battle Passes that you purchase in Infinite won’t expire, giving you an infinite (hehe) amount of time to complete them. You’ll also be able to go back and purchase Battle Passes from previous seasons if you missed them, so content won’t be gone forever. Battle Pass content will also be locked to the Pass, so you won’t be able to purchase them separately.

Infinite’s multiplayer will support crossplay and cross-progression between Xbox Series X&S and PC, so you’ll be able to freely move between both platforms without losing your progress.

Another first for the series is Academy, a training area where you’ll be able to access tutorials and weapon ranges that will help you learn and develop your skills in the game without the pressure of other players. Excitingly, you’ll also have access to a training mode that lets you populate a multiplayer match with bots that have a wide range of difficulty levels which is a huge first for the Halo series.

If you want to watch the Halo multiplayer deep-dive you can do so right here:

Halo Infinite will release on Xbox Series X&S and PC later in 2021.

Are you excited about Halo Infinite? What did you think of this deep-dive? Let us know.

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