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A New Free Post-Launch Game Mode For Resident Evil 2 Has Been Announced

Free DLC is always a plus

Spotted over on ResetEra, Capcom has announced post-launch DLC for its upcoming reimagining of its classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2.

The DLC is a new game mode called The Ghost Survivors, which will allow players to play as a host of characters including Robert Kendo, Katherine and a USS member with more to be announced in the future. The mode will be a roguelike experience with randomised elements, allowing players to earn points and spend them at the in-game store (Capcom has confirmed there will be no microtransactions).  Furthermore, Capcom promises a high level of replayability, and according to the ResetEra thread the DLC will be rolled out in three volumes.

There is currently no release date for the DLC, but players can take a trip down memory lane on January 25 when Resident Evil 2 launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Written By Zach Jackson

Despite a childhood playing survival horrors, point and clicks and beat ’em ups, these days Zach tries to convince people that Homefront: The Revolution is a good game while pining for a sequel to The Order: 1886 and a live-action Treasure Planet film. Carlton, Burnley FC & SJ Sharks fan. Get around him on Twitter @tightinthejorts


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