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Age Of Mythology Is Finally Getting Remade

The myths are getting a modern facelift

There’s always a couple of games that take you back to your childhood and for me Age of Mythology is one of them. It was one of my absolute favourite turn-based strategy PC games growing up. I gained a lot of knowledge of the mythical creatures and legends from ancient civilisations from playing this game. Summoning manticores, sphinxes and frost giants to rain terror on my enemies as the Greeks, Egyptians and Norse. Maybe the occasional heart-shooting, rainbow-tooting flying hippo (shhhh, if you know you know).

To see the announcement from Microsoft, after 20 years (gosh I feel old), that Age of Mythology is getting similar treatment as Age of Empire Definitive Edition thrilled me to bits. Age of Mythology will be returning as Age of Mythology Retold. We do not have a release window yet but if Age of Empires Definitive Edition is anything to go by we should see a graphical upgrade and at minimum a bunch of modern quality of life additions.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Did you play Age of Mythology in the past? Are you excited for the remake? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media.

Written By Eleanore Blereau

When Eleanore isn’t trying to figure out how the Earth works she’s trying to pay off her loan in Animal Crossing, complete her Pokedex or finishing one more RPG or platformer. She is a lover of great characters, cute or creative art styles and awesome game soundtracks.


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