Agony Developer Confirms All Regions Will Be Affected By Console Censorship

Agony Developer Confirms All Regions Will Be Affected By Console Censorship

Recently we reported that the console version of upcoming Kickstarter first-person horror game Agony was having issues achieving an M (Mature) rating in North America. As a result, some of Agony’s content had to be adjusted to meet the M rating requirements. This information was relayed via a Kickstarter update, but due to the confusing wording of the update, with it never mentioning different regions, instead focusing on the ESRB rating, and the fact that Australia gave it an R18+ rating last month, we assumed that the censorship was isolated to the North American console version.

We reached out to the Agony team for clarification on which regions would be affected by the content removal/censorship, and sadly the answer is every region. You can view the response from the Agony Twitter account below:

The only solace for those wanting the true adult version is that PC players will have the option of installing a patch that removes the censorship. Unfortunately this patch will not available to console players, but if you’re like me and backed the console version of the game via its Kickstarter you will have the option of changing your platform choice to PC in the coming weeks.

In good news, the game, which was meant for release last month, finally has a new release date of May 29. You can read about that and watch the game’s latest trailer here.

What are your thoughts on the censorship of Agony? Will you still play it on consoles? Let us know in the comments below.

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