Agony On PC Without The Censorship Will Be A Thing After All

Agony On PC Without The Censorship Will Be A Thing After All

It never ends with news regarding the Kickstarter indie-horror title, Agony. First, the news came out that the game was being censored, but not because of the Australian Classification Bureau (surprisingly) and that the censorship would be worldwide, not just region exclusive. After this, it was revealed that developer Madmind Studio planned to release an optional patch for the game on PC which would remove the censorship found within. Not long before released news broke that this planned patch would not be released after all as it would mean the closure of Madmind Studio, which sucked. After a bunch of less-than-favourable reviews, it seems that Madmind has found a way to release the game sans censorship but, unfortunately for console players, it still appears to be exclusive to Steam.

Revealed via a Steam forum post, it seems that if Madmind releases the game as Agony Unrated without any involvement of a publisher whatsoever then players can experience the game how it was originally intended. According to their post, they are aiming to make sure people whom already own the game either get the game at a 99% discount or free as DLC.

“We are doing our best to offer Agony Unrated to as many people as possible. Our goal is for each person that already owns Agony on Steam to be able to buy Agony Unrated with the biggest discount possible on that platform – 99% – or release it as a free DLC. We are currently talking with the Steam representatives to make sure it is doable.” – Madmind Studio via Steam

No release date was given, however, there are a few changes coming for the unrated version which include:

  • Additional sounds in the game and the cutscenes.
  • Additional erotic animations for characters in the backgrounds.
  • High-resolution textures and models – without any censorship.
  • All the scenes that have been removed from the standard version of Agony.
  • Agony Mode unlocked from the beginning.
  • Additional content for Agony Mode (Setting – The Forest, Boss Fight – Baphomet).
  • Succubus Mode unlocked from the beginning.
  • Additional animations for Succubus Mode.

“Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all the technical problems that were present at the launch of Agony. The whole team is working on patches and fixes for the game and we are planning to be releasing them until the most of you (if not everyone!) in our beloved community is satisfied with our game.” – Madmind Studio via Steam

We gave the game a score of 3.5, with reviewer Zach Jackson stating “Its excellent atmosphere is butchered by frustrating and repetitive gameplay and an abysmal technical performance.”

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