Agony Unrated Is Back and It’s Releasing on Steam On October 31

Agony Unrated Is Back and It’s Releasing on Steam On October 31

Spotted on ResetEraAgony, the Kickstarter-funded hell-themed horror game from Polish developers Madmind Studio appears to finally be releasing in an uncensored format at the end of the month after having its previous two attempts cancelled.

The game’s Steam page lists 31/10/18 as the Unrated version’s release date and lists Madmind CEO Tomasz Dutkiewicz as both the developer and publisher of the game.

Agony launched in May this year to mostly negative reviews, with critics (including yours truly) slamming the repetitive gameplay, bad game design and poor technical performance.

Prior to its launch it was subjected to censorship, much to the chagrin of some of the game’s backers. However, in order to appease to fans, Madmind announced a censorship removal patch – which was then cancelled days before the game’s release.

It was then announced that an unrated (uncensored) version of the game was in the works – but that was also cancelled due to rumoured financial and legal problems.

There’s  no word on whether existing owners of Agony will have free access to the Unrated version, but frankly I’m not sure I’d really want to play it again.

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