Amnesia: Rebirth Gets A Release Date And It’s Just Around The Corner

Amnesia: Rebirth Gets A Release Date And It’s Just Around The Corner

It’s been 10 years since the release of the hugely influential horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent, just let that sink in.

We did get another Amnesia game in 2013 in the form of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, but it was developed by The Chinese Room and didn’t have the same feel as the original. Frictional, however, has continued to make superb horror games since Dark Decent’s release, giving us the Sci-Fi scare-fest Soma¬†(we gave it an 8.2) back in 2015.

Back in March of this year, it was revealed that Frictional was getting back behind the wheel of the Amnesia franchise, announcing Amnesia: Rebirth, a new story being told in the world of Dark Descent. We’ve already seen a cheeky trailer and some details surrounding the game’s narrative, but we now know that Amnesia: Rebirth will be releasing on PS4 and PC on October 20, 2020.

Just in time for Halloween, the spookiest day of the year, Amnesia: Rebirth will focus on new protagonist Tasi Trianon as she traverses the Algerian Desert while trying to survive physical and psychological threats. We also got a fresh new trailer to highlight the release date that you can watch below:

Are you a fan of Amnesia? Will you be picking up Rebirth next month? Let us know.

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