An Epic Year for The Witcher + New Trailer Released

An Epic Year for The Witcher + New Trailer Released

With 2016’s GOTY awards just around the corner, it is time we looked back at what is arguably one of the years strongest contenders for that prestigious title!

CD PROJEKT RED have just released a new ‘Epic’ trailer to celebrate the game with Wild Hunt director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz also giving fans a mighty speech.

“This year was really epic for the entire crew behind The Witcher. We launched Wild Hunt, the RPG we’ve been working on for so long, then we’ve gone above and beyond to give gamers as many free DLC as we could, and then released Hearts of Stone, which — judging from player feedback — took the game even further. And we innovated all along the way — if you compare Wild Hunt to our previous game, almost every element was improved or changed. Now we’re working on Blood and Wine, the final expansion for Wild Hunt which we will launch in 2016. To thank everyone for being with us this whole time, we’ve prepared something special — enjoy the Epic Trailer!”



The Blood and Wine expansion will be available for purchase in 2016, but players can also obtain it as a part of the Expansion Pass.


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