Asemblance European PS4 Release Delayed

Asemblance, the first-person psychological horror from Nilo Studios, a former Bungie developer’s new studio is now available for purchase on the US PSN store for $9.99. However, those wishing to purchase the game from the European PSN store (which includes Australian users) will have to wait an additional 1-2 weeks to get their hands on the title, as the game has yet to be given a PEGI rating. Read the statement from Nilo Studios below:

Unfortunately the European PS4 release will not be available for another week or two. We’re really sorry about this. While the European version of the game has been complete for a while, we didn’t adequately anticipate the amount of work required to obtain a PEGI rating for Europe.

Why does a PEGI  rating take so much time and effort?
For anyone interested in the details; obtaining an ESRB rating for North America is incredibly streamlined for digital game releases and takes a trivial amount of time to complete the process. I was very happy with the experience. PEGI ratings on the other hand require much more time and effort. This includes participation in an online training course, submission of materials and builds, and then waiting for the materials to be reviewed. The process is quicker if you can afford it but unfortunately, we cannot. All that said, the people at PEGI have been very helpful in working with us through rules and constraints of Europe.

Asemblance is described as the pilot episode of a mind-bending franchise inspired by The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and the Black Mirror television series.

We’ve purchased the game via the US PSN store, so check back for our review in the coming days.

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