Asemblance: Oversight Coming To Xbox One This Weekend

Asemblance: Oversight Coming To Xbox One This Weekend

After releasing on PS4 and Steam in May of this year, Asemblance: Oversight is ready to bring its mind-bending puzzle action to Xbox One this weekend. Its official launch date is August 3, however that is a US date and currently it doesn’t exist on the Australian Microsoft store. We expect it’ll go live over the weekend sometime.

Oversight is the second episode in developer Nilo Studios’ Asemblance series and continues to showcase the series’ challenging narrative-based puzzles for which it has come to be known for. Once again players rallied together to solve the puzzles and find the ‘shift’ endings, and now it is Xbox One players turn to take up the challenge.

The game’s official synopsis reads like this:

Asemblance: Oversight is a first-person, narrative-based puzzle gamethat draws its influences from the science fiction landscapes of Black Mirrorand the psychological methods and soundscapes of David Lynch. While Asemblance: Oversightrevisits some themes and characters from the pilot episode, it is a stand-alone experience that does not require playing the original. The game unfolds like an interactive “Escape the Room” experience and is best enjoyed by gathering a group together, either at home or online, to work together to solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries the story offers.

I reviewed Oversight when it released in May and scored it an 8, saying that ‘despite its brevity Asemblance: Oversight is an interesting beast. It’s not your stock-standard first-person narrative-driven adventure, it’s an experience in itself and one that requires players to go the whole hog and tear the walls down for every clue they can find.’

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