Asemblance: Oversight Releases In Under A Week For PS4

Asemblance: Oversight Releases In Under A Week For PS4

The second episode in the first-person sci-fi thriller series Asemblance, titled Asemblance: Oversight releases on May 15 (probably the 16th for Australia) for PS4 developer Nilo Studios has announced via the PlayStation Blog. Xbox One and Steam releases will follow later this year.

In the blog post, Nilo Studios founder Niles Sankey reflected on the development of the first episode, stating the following:

Everything about it was an experiment, from its core theme of using a holographic memory machine to investigate incomplete memories, to the way we attempted to blur the lines between narrative game experiences and community-driven puzzle solving. Upon release, it appeared some of our ideas worked. Players joined efforts with streamers to solve the game’s most challenging puzzles and I figured we were onto something interesting. 

Sankey goes on to say that Oversight’s development was a lot more focused, especially regarding the episode’s storytelling.

Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:


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