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Australian Made Puzzle Game Side Decide Has Just Been Released

Looking like a blockbuster

Aussie developer Blue Volcano has announced that their debut puzzle game Side Decide is available right now. After four years in development by the one-man team of Brendan Votano, Side Decide can now be purchased on Steam.

Side Decide is a puzzle game that tasks you with getting your wooden cube to the end of the level but each side of the block has a distinct shape that can only fit into the corresponding shape on the ground. You’ll need to rotate your cube and use your wits to get to the finish line, all while calming music accompanies you.

Side Decide will have a 10% discount during its first week of sale, bring it to AU$6.75 on Steam. The game’s regular price is AU$7.50.

Are you a puzzle game fan? Will you be picking up Side Decide? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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