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Bethesda ANZ Crafts A Super Limited Elder Scrolls Online-Themed Xbox Wireless Controller

Another gold-can’t-buy promotional item!

Hot sauce was not enough, it seems! Bethesda ANZ has announced, in conjunction with today’s console release of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, another extremely limited promotional item that money simply can’t buy.

Collaborating with Adelaide controller artists, We Are Robots, the local branch of Bethesda has crafted a unique and striking Xbox Wireless Controller inspired by the series’ Daedrid Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. The controller features Dagon’s horns, crimson red thumbsticks, a charred-look skin and Daedric lettering on its face buttons. On the back of the controller is the iconic ESO Ouroboros logo, with a stone grey accent on the top. It’s certainly a bold-looking piece and something to take pride of place in any ESO fans’ collection.

Alex Kemp from We Are Robots says about the custom controller, “The Elder Scrolls Online is a legendary game and it was an honour to be able to create a controller for the exciting new Blackwood chapter. Working closely with the Bethesda ANZ team we designed the controller to capture the look and feel of Mehrunes Dagon, as if the controller had just arrived through the Gates of Oblivion.

“The controllers were created using some of We Are Robots’ most advanced production techniques to give them a 3D physical appearance that you can touch and feel but won’t hinder the use of the controllers. Each controller is hand painted and detailed to bring them to life, making them the perfect display piece for any Elder Scrolls Online fan.”

Like the Hot Sauce of Oblivion these sadly won’t be available for public purchase, but Bethesda ANZ is giving fans the chance to score one of ten units through giveaways on their social channels as well as the Xbox ANZ socials. Make sure you head on over to those to give yourself a shot at scoring one of these beauties.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is available now for PC/Mac, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. For more information visit

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