Calling All Writers, DYEGB Needs You!

Fancy yourself a lyrical wordsmith or the next PewDiePie whose subjective opinion is the only correct one? Know the difference between helping your uncle jack off a horse and helping your uncle Jack off a horse? Well so do we, and we’d love to have some like-minded individuals on board. Do You Even Game Bro? has come leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings, and we’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made and the growing readership we’ve attracted. However, to keep that good feeling going we need more writers and video contributors with a passion for gaming and the King’s English. That’s where you come in.

What we’d like from you is a small piece of writing (approx. 500-1000 words) that proves you can string a sentence together, or even a video that proves you can string…images…together. If you are successful you’ll get your name out there plus a wheelbarrow full of cash. Fake cash! Jokes aside, there are perks to being a gaming journalist. Firstly, you can tell people you’re a gaming journalist and increase your street cred and make yourself more attractive to potential mates. Secondly, you’ll get a chance to cover, preview and review games before the general public does, what’s not to love?

If you think you fit the bill then fill out the below form (if you’re submitting to be a video contributor, paste a video link(s) in the text box below):

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    So stop reading this and get writing! Seriously stop reading this. I feel like you’re still reading this… stop it.