Capcom Reveals Project Resistance To Be A Co-op Resident Evil Title

Capcom Reveals Project Resistance To Be A Co-op Resident Evil Title

Following leaks and teases over the last few weeks, we finally know a little more about Capcom’s new game, Project Resistance. Set in the Resident Evil universe, Project Resistance looks be a four-player, co-op horror shooter that may have survival horror elements as well, though that much is unclear at this stage.

The teaser trailer shows four characters mowing down zombies and a licker with an array of firearms and melee weapons, all while being watched by a mysterious figure that seems to be controlling the facility. This off-screen presence makes an appearance at the end of the trailer, revealing himself to be a robotic Mr. X of sorts. Whether or not this guy is actually Mr. X or perhaps a distant relative is unknown, but either way he is a big, scary lad.

Project Resistance will be releasing at some point in the future on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We will be getting more information at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, so until then treat your eyes to the new trailer:

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