Civilization VI’s First Expansion Announced: ‘Rise and Fall’

Civilization VI’s First Expansion Announced: ‘Rise and Fall’

After a year of smaller DLC releases, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is getting its first expansion pack! Rise and Fall will add features to the game that should completely change how it’s played. Given how many features the base game had, that’s an impressive boast. Here’s the full list:

City loyalty

A new bane to your micromanagement game is the new Loyalty system. Individual cities in your empire will have a Loyalty value that can be increased or decreased by fulfilling different conditions. Let it fall far enough, and a city will start taking drastic measures. Lower yields, citizen revolts, and even declarations of independence are on the cards here. You can alter the Loyalty of other player’s cities, too, to encourage them to join you! It’s like the Diplomat from Civilization II, but way more annoying!

Golden & Dark Ages 

Just like in previous games, your performance in previous eras can usher in Golden Ages where your civilization simply starts pumping more stuff out! However, the inverse is also true: Dark Ages will occur if you sucked particularity hard. That said, coming out of a Dark Age will entitle you to a possible Heroic Age which lead designer Anton Strenger has described as a “triple Golden Age”. Needless to say, this should make Civ VI much more dynamic. The midgame has traditionally been lackluster in the series, so this is a good step in the right direction.

Snow makes a triumphant return


A new unit being added is the Governor. These bad boys are assigned to your cities, each with their own unique abilities. They can speed up the building of wonders, help a city in a siege, or just help a new city grow. You can earn up to seven, but you may not even need that many. Strenger details the Governor system as thus: You earn points for use with Governors during regular gameplay. You can spend these points on buying new ones, or upgrading existing Governors. Wide or tall? It’ll depend on your playstyle! They better have live-action personalities, though, That’s absolutely a must.

Alliances & Emergencies

Alliances have been tweaked with this expansion. Now, you can engage in five possible alliances: Economic, Research, Religious, Cultural, and Military Alliances. These Alliances also carry bonuses that increase over time! So the longer an Alliance stands, the better off its participants will be. Another layer to these Diplomacy changes is the new Emergency system. When a particular event occurs – such as launching a nuclear weapon or converting another Holy City to your own religion – a large number of other civilizations will rally against the aggressor. Joining these Emergency coalitions can prove fruitful, but only if you can complete certain objectives related to what caused it. If players cannot, the initiator of the event will gain benefits instead. This is a big change compared to the non-intervention affairs of the base game. More boosts to the mid-game is always a welcome change.

This city is a nice place to visit, but you don’t wanna live there


You know what it’s like: You load a game that you haven’t played in a while, and you don’t remember what went down. You’re stuck in the middle, with no clue of what to do next. The Timeline feature helps you figure out where you’re at, and also serves as a neat This Is Your Life-esque walk down memory lane. As you pass certain milestones – building your unique unit, building a wonder, conquering a civilization – they’ll get added to your timeline. Achieving these moments adds to your total score, too!

New stuff to build

Eight new world wonders, seven new natural wonders, four new units (not ones unique to certain civs), two new tile improvements, two new districts, 14 new city buildings, and three new resources! That’s a lot of new stuff, even for a Civ expansion!

Other confirmed changes

More new stuff includes new policy cardshidden agendas, Causus Belli, and “other improvements”. No stone left unturned.

New civs

But hey, you want the juicy bits! Who’s being added to Civilization VI? What historic people can I flatten with jackboots come release?

…we don’t know yet. What we do know, however, is that eight new civs and nine new leaders are coming! Who’s gonna be the lucky guys with two leaders!? We’ll just have to wait. I hate waiting. Boo.

A city of wonders, excitement, and…wonders

Rise and Fall releases on Febuary 8th, 2018 and will cost 29.95 USD or 24.99 GBP. You can read the full announcement post, at watch Sean Bean die again in the trailer, right here.

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