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If you’ve got a passion for gaming and content creation we’d love to hear from you

As with every gaming silly season, there are more games than hands on deck, which means that we simply can’t cover everything, as much as we’d like to. This means that we have opportunities for writers, aspiring or experienced, based in Australia or New Zealand to join the WellPlayed team.

First and foremost, we want to be transparent as possible: this is not a paying gig. While we’d love to be able to financially compensate writers for their efforts, WellPlayed only pulls in enough revenue to cover its costs. Hopefully one day in the future this changes. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t perks though, even if they are small.

So what can WellPlayed offer? Aside from review codes and review products where possible, WellPlayed offers writers the opportunity to build a strong portfolio by having their work published on an internationally recognised website. Your content will be featured on websites such as Metacritic and you’ll have the chance to work with brands and IPs that you love. Furthermore, our experienced editing team is willing to help develop people’s writing skills so they can go on to bigger and better (and paid) things in the industry.

Who can apply? Absolutely anyone. If you have a passion for gaming and content creation we want to hear from you. We’d particularly love to receive applications from women, non-cisgendered and queer people and people of colour to help diversify our lineup and bring new and different views to our coverage. If this is something that interests you and you’d love to apply, please send an email with examples of your work to

We’ll endeavour to get back to everyone as fast we can, successful or otherwise.

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