Death Stranding On PC Receives Cyberpunk 2077 Missions And Gear In A Cool Crossover

Death Stranding On PC Receives Cyberpunk 2077 Missions And Gear In A Cool Crossover

It seems as though divisive games attract one another. Death Stranding, depending on your preferences, is either seen as a confusing mess or a masterpiece (I gave it an 8 so you know where I sit) and the recently released and forever hyped Cyberpunk 2077 is currently making waves due to its uneven performance on last-gen platforms.

It only makes sense then that these two worlds collide for a crossover then and that’s exactly what we have on our hands. The 1.05 update for the PC version of Death Stranding is adding in a whole host of Cyberpunk 2077 content including missions, characters, lore and gear. The missions and characters are still a bit of a mystery, but we do know more about some new gameplay aspects and cosmetics.

First things first, this update is introducing a hacking mechanic that will allow Sam to disable MULE proximity sensors, overload enemy Odradeks to stun them and disable enemy vehicles. As for cosmetic additions, Sam will have the option to sport Johnny Silverhands robotic arm and iconic sunglasses. Additionally, Sam can opt into some cool facial augmentations all while riding a Cyberpunk-themed Reverse Trike. Last but not least, a Trauma Team hologram will now appear at certain construction sights, similar to the Tall Necks from Horizon Zero Dawn among others.

Just to make it super clear, this update is purely for the PC of Death Stranding for now, with no word as to when or if the PS4 version will get this crossover. Kojima Productions has stated that there are more announcements to come but didn’t specify if they were in regards to this.

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How do you feel about Death Stranding? Does this crossover interest you? Let us know.

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