Did Troy Baker Give Us A Release Window For Death Stranding?

Did Troy Baker Give Us A Release Window For Death Stranding?

Hideo Kojima, what a guy. From creating the Metal Gear Solid series to doing Zone of the Enders to even doing P.T, the awesome demo reveal for a new Silent Hills game which has since been cancelled. People are eagerly awaiting to hear… well, anything about his next game, Death Stranding. We don’t really know a whole lot except from some minor details like they captured Norman Reedus’ butt.

Well it seems legendary voice actor, Troy Baker, may have let the bean spill on a potential release window for Kojima’s highly anticipated game via Twitter.

Screenshot_2019-01-18 Troy Baker on Twitter

Troy Baker took part of the popular trend right now,  #2009vs2019, in which he used a Death Stranding still as his photo for 2019. This could mean that we may potentiall see Kojima’s (currently confusing) title in the year. In saying that, Kojima games historically take a long time to develop and it wasn’t until 2017 where he had actual confirmation that his team was actively working on development for the title.

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