Easy Platinum and a Massage? Mr Massagy Now Available in Australia

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Easy Platinum and a Massage? Mr Massagy Now Available in Australia

It’s been out for a little while internationally, but it is with great pleasure that I can confirm that Mr Massagy is finally available on the Australian PSN store as of today!

“But Kieron, what is this game?”, I hear you ask. Well, imagine if you will, a game that looks and plays kind of like a dating sim parody (and is actually hilarious at times) but does nothing to hide the fact that its sole purpose is basically to spit out a platinum trophy after less than 30 minutes of play. Now imagine that game can also give you a pleasurable massage via the DualShock 4 controller. That is Mr Massagy.

If you have $7.55 burning a hole in your pocket and are willing to risk public shaming for the sake of a shiny ‘plat, grab Mr Massagy here. Otherwise, go back about your day and forget I said anything.

Yeah, you know your boy got his platinum

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