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EPOS Announce Two New Premium Headsets To Join Their H3 Series

Good looking with some tasty features

Premier gaming audio company Epos has announced two new premium headsets, the H3 Hybrid and H3PRO Hybrid, to join their H3 series.

The H3 Hybrid features both a USB and 3.5 mm connections, allowing it to be used on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for audio mixing. This allows players to use third-party apps such as Discord, or listen to music from another device without sacrificing the game audio.

The Hybrid sports a 37-hour battery life when using Bluetooth alone, a 24-hour battery when also using the 3.5 mm connection or 19-hours when using USB simultaneously. The Hybird also features a very handy magnetic detachable mic that, when removed, can be replaced with a side plate to cover the connection. A secondary mic is situated on the unit itself, just in case you need to take a call if you’re using the headset’s Bluetooth functions alone.

When using the Hybrid on a PC via the USB connection, you’ll have access to the EPOS Gaming Suite, where you can alter your levels, adjust a number of settings and take full advantage of 7.1 surround sound. The H3 Hybrid is available in Onyx Black and Ghost White and it’ll set you back AU$259.

The H3PRO Hybrid isn’t available just yet, but it will contain many of the same features from the H3 Hybrid while touting lag-free wireless capabilities. There isn’t any pricing information available for the H3PRO Hybrid just yet, but more details will be coming soon.

Have you used any EPOS headsets? Do these sets interest you? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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