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Every Australian and New Zealand-Made Game Released In 2020

Find out what Aussie and New Zealand developers are releasing in 2020


Being an Aussie-based site we’re fair dinkum fans of the local gaming scene (and the New Zealand scene because we’re practically family). But given the nature of the beast it’s almost impossible to cover every Australian and New Zealand release as they happen, and at the end of every year I often find myself wishing there was a list that I could reflect back on to see what games may have slipped through the cracks. But stone the flamin’ crows there is never a list. So instead of waiting for someone to make this list I decided to take the lead and make it myself.

This page will be updated over the year as more games get release dates, however if we’ve missed your game (we apologise) or you want to reach out about adding your game to this list please email


AO Tennis 2 (PC) – January 9
Big Ant Studios (Melbourne, Victoria)

No Way Home (Apple Arcade) – January 10
SMG Studio (Sydney, New South Wales)

Leap of Leaf (PC) – January 10
Indie Dev Andy (New Zealand)

Speaking Simulator (PC/Mac/Switch) – January 30
Affable Games (Brisbane, Queesnland)


Fish Simulator: Aquarium Manager (PC) – February 10
Duobonza (Mission Beach, Queensland)

Swoopy Boi (iOS/Android) – February 11
Rohan Nowell (Sydney, New South Wales)

HUIA (iOS/Android) – February 20
Fold Thirteen (New Zealand)

Brief Battles (Switch) – February 21
Juicy Cupcake (Adelaide, South Australia)

Infliction (PS4/Xbox One) – February 25
Caustic Reality (Sydney, New South Wales)

Sword & Shield (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android) – February
Elroy Dalefield (New Zealand)


Fresh and Blood TCG – Arcane Rising Expansion (Card Game) – March 27
Legend Story Studios (Auckland, New Zealand)

Starport Delta (PC) – March 28
Cloudfire Studios (New Zealand)

Sprocket Rocket Rumble (PC) – March 31
Space Crab Labs (Wellington, New Zealand)

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (Switch) – March 31
Krome Studios (Brisbane, Queensland)


AFL Evolution 2 (PS4/Xbox One) – April 3/April 16
Wicked Witch (Melbourne, Victoria)

Stranded Deep (PS4/Xbox One) – April 22
Beam Team Games (Brisbane, Queensland)

Fledgling Heroes (Switch/Apple Arcade) – April 23
Subtle Boom (Brisbane, Queensland)

Grip (PC) – April 25
OneBar Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Moving Out (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC) – April 28
SMG Studio (Melbourne, Victoria)

Puzzle 21 (iOS)
Jeffrey Laird (Dunedin, New Zealand)


Void Bastards (PS4/Switch) – May 7
Blue Manchu (Canberra, ACT)

Stone (Switch) – May 8
Convict Games (Melbourne/Sydney)

AFL Evolution 2 (Switch) – May 14
Wicked Witch (Melbourne, Victoria)

Brimstone Brawlers (PC Early Access) – May 21
Ategig (Brisbane, Queensland)

Wildfire (PC) – May 26
Sneaky Bastards (Sydney, New South Wales)



Elden: Path of the Forgotten (Switch/PC/Mac/Linux) – July 9
Onerat Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Little Reaper (PC) – July 20
Little Reaper Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Necrobarista (PC/Apple Arcade) – July 22
Route 59 Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (PS4) – July 25
Krome Studios (Brisbane, Queensland)


Quirky Flight (Android) – August 13
Prowess Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Windbound (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC) – August 28
5 Live Studios (Brisbane, Queensland)

Best Friend Forever (PC/Switch) – August 27
Starcolt (Wellington, New Zealand)


Feather (Xbox One) – September 30
Samurai Punk (Melbourne, Victoria)


Damsel (PS4) – October 1
Screwtape Studios (Brisbane, Queensland)

2020/2021 TBA

Ailuri (Switch/PC)
Vivink Studios (Melbourne, Victoria)

The Artful Escape (Xbox One/PC/Apple Arcade)
Beethoven & Dinosaur (Melbourne, Australia)

Before We Leave (PC)
Balancing Monkey Games (New Zealand)

Beyond the Veil (PC/iOS)
Sun’s Shadows Studios (Melbourne, Victoria)

Bounty Hunters
White Square (Perth,Western Australia)

Broken Roads (PC) – 2021
Drop Bear Bytes (Torquay, Victoria)

Chronicles of Galdurvale (PC)
Luminous Games (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Conscript (PC) – 2021
Catchweight Studio (Melbourne, Victoria)

Dead Static Drive (PC/Xbox One)
Fanclub (Melbourne, Victoria)

The Forgotten City (PC/Xbox One)
Modern Storyteller (Melbourne, Victoria)

Innchanted (PC)
DragonBear Studios (Melbourne, Victoria)

Metal Heads (PC)
Nathan Francis (Australia)

Misc. A Tiny Tale (PC)
Fluminus Studio (Perth, Western Australia + The Netherlands) 

Necrobarista (PS4/Switch) – 2021
Route 59 Games (Melbourne, Victoria)

Nekograms (iOS/Android)
Hungry Sky (Perth, Western Australia)

Rooftop Renegade (PC) – 2021
Melonhead Games (Adelaide, South Australia)

ShapeVS (PC)
Smash Attack Studios (Launceston, Tasmania)

Unpacking (PC/Mac/Linux) – 2021
Witch Beam (Brisbane, Queensland)

Watch This Space (PC/Consoles (TBA))
It’s Anecdotal (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Way to the Woods (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch)
Anthony Tan (Melbourne, Victoria)

Wayward Strand (PC/iOS/Android)
Ghost Pattern (Melbourne, Victoria)

Webbed (PC) – 2021
Sbug Games (Brisbane, Queensland)

Where the Snow Settles (PC/Xbox One) – 2021
Myriad Games (Hobart, Tasmania)

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