Fallout 76 Cross-Play Probably Won’t Happen Thanks To Sony

Fallout 76 Cross-Play Probably Won’t Happen Thanks To Sony

Sony has once again kicked the footy out of bounds like a shitty little kid at recess in the newest cross-play dilemma slinking it’s way onto the radar of gamers keen for the next Fallout title.

In case live under a PS4 and missed it, Sony really don’t rate the idea of sharing the gaming love alongside anything other than PCs and phones (which probably don’t pose any rivalry threat like Xbox or Nintendo do financially).

Just last week, The Skyrim God himself Todd Howard was more or less straight to the point with GameStar.de in an interview.

You cannot do cross-play in 76, we’d really love that but right now we can’t… Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like.

Fallout 76 sounds like another perfect multiplayer game that could totally benefit from having all types of players, no matter where their loyalty lies, jump in and nuke each other for days in the burning wastelands. Time will tell if the behemoth changes it’s mind on not only Fallout, but games like Fortnite as well.

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