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Stay onside with our roundup of what’s new to FIFA 17’s game modes in the lead up to its release later this month.

It’s early September and the Premier league 16/17 season is already well underway. FIFA 17 information is coming thick and fast as we get closer and closer to its release, so let’s go over the details some readers might’ve missed in the last month or so. A lot has been revealed since Gamescom last month, including a new gameplay trailer, as well as details on changes to Career Mode, Ultimate team and Pro clubs. This is looking set to be one of the most exciting iterations in recent years, and here’s a roundup of all the latest news for FIFA 17.


New Expectations

Big changes are coming to Career Mode this year in FIFA 17, one of which is TCM, or Total Club Management, with this new feature FIFA 17 hopes to gives players greater control over their chosen club and provide further insight into the inner workings of what makes a football club tick. Dealing with areas such as player development, financial security and board satisfaction a lot more than in previous years.

At the start of the season players will be given new objectives to fulfil based upon their chosen club’s priorities. Each team has been given unique personalities and goals that dictate what players will need to achieve in both the short and long term future of the club.

In order to maintain the satisfaction of the board, and the fans, players will be striving to complete a variety of expectations set to them by the board at the start of the season.

Expectations players will be given fall into five categories:

•Domestic Success

•Continental Success

•Brand Exposure


•Youth Development

Completing these expectations will come with fulfilling tasks such as advancing youth players through the academy, earning promotion, signing world class players and even expanding the brand in Asia by participating in pre-season tournaments.

Players will need to keep track of their progress of these objectives in order to keep their managerial popularity rating up, no matter what strategy players implement to achieve success with their club, Total Club Management keeps the career experience fresh and dynamic season by season.

Along with TCM, FIFA 17 introduces Club Worth, a rewritten financial system showing gamers a detailed breakdown of income from transfers, loans, match-day revenue, media and merchandising, as well as expenses on player and scout wages, youth facilities, stadium maintenance and travel. This new focus on financing should give players the tools they need to take their club to the next level.

New Managers

Also this year managers are brought to life on the touchline for the first time. Players will choose one of 11 high-res coaches at the beginning of their career to be seen on in the technical area during matches. This brings a much needed improvement to what was almost a non-existent Manager creator in previous iterations of the series.

New League

And finally the Japan J1 League is the most recent addition to FIFA 17’s Career Mode.


Introduced at EA’s Gamescom FUT LIVE event were a number of new modes and challenges, as well as details on new Legends being added to Ultimate Team.

Squad Building Challenges

A brand new feature in this year’s Ultimate Team mode, Squad Building Challenges provides various scenarios for players to complete, ranging from basic, to league difficulty.

In order to complete a challenge you’ll be given a set number of requirements such as nationality or league restrictions. The idea being to build a team using players you already own, or those purchased in the Transfer Market to create a team that fulfils those set requirements. Once complete you submit your squad for rewards (including packs, FUT coins and unique items), however be wary what players you exchange, as those included will be gone from your collection once submitted.

This mode is playable on consoles, PC and even the FIFA 17 Companion App.

FUT Champions

This year FIFA hopes to cater to those players who desire a challenge and more ways to compete by, introducing FUT Champions. Every week, FUT players can qualify for the Weekend League by participating in daily tournaments, each with their own dynamic squad entry requirements and unique rewards. However for players already at the top of their FUT Online Seasons, they will automatically qualify and earn a spot in the Weekend League.

In the Weekend League players will compete to win as many matches as possible, climb the ranks to receive better in-game rewards and unlock new tiers. Performing well consistently in the Weekend Leagues will carry players further up the Monthly Leaderboard tiers, earning them some of the best rewards FUT has to offer and even providing players the chance to participate in EA’s FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series and Interactive World Cup.

In addition to these new modes EA has detailed the new FUT Legends we can expect to see added to this year’s entry. Legends added this year include Marc Overmars, Paul Scholes, Jamie Carragher, Alessandro Del Piero, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Carles Puyol, Juan Sebastián Verón, Emmanuel Petit, Rio Ferdinand, and Luis Hernández. However the 10 new Legends introduced will only be available to Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. Those on other systems will rejoice that Legends Pele, Giggs, Beckenbauer and more will be returning in FIFA 17, but may be disappointed at missing out on the new additions.

Also being added is a new pack opening animation, exclusive kits for pre-ordering and also being introduced is an offline play a friend mode, where you can download and play a friends squad in local offline.


Finally we have some news on new additions to Pro Clubs in FIFA 17, introducing a brand new player growth and rating system as well customisable custom kits and crests.

Player Growth

The new Player Growth system is based upon overall match rating, emphasising teamwork and co-operation. Player attributes will grow the better the rating is.

Match Rating

After every match players will receive a match rating out of 10. Different positions level up various attributes at different speeds, a defender will excel in tackling, an attacker, shooting etc. Track how each of the individual attributes are growing at the end of every match.


Spend in-game skill points to equip specific Traits to Physical, Defending, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Pace, or Goalkeeping. Each Trait comes with a different Skill Point cost, which are earned by playing League or Cup matches and earning experience.


Players will finally be able to add a level of personal fair to their Pro Clubs with kit and badge customisation. Choose from 24 kit templates, each with the option to select primary, secondary, and tertiary colours to create a unique strip. Customising your crest isn’t as in depth selecting your crest shape from a range of predesigned emblems before choosing the primary colour. However this small improvement will still give players a greater sense of ownership the before.

With the new story modes, career mode tweaks, FUT challenges, Pro Cubs customisation and focus on competition, this FIFA looks to reinvent the genre. Stay tuned for more FIFA news and keep your eyes peeled for the demo rumoured to be releasing on September 13th.

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