Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Theme Song Trailer Is Phenomenal

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Theme Song Trailer Is Phenomenal

Hoo boy, did this come out of nowhere to shake the life(stream) out of me. Overnight, Square Enix dropped a brand spanker of a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, showcasing the game’s new theme song. The song, ‘Hollow’, is composed by series veteran and great moustache-haver Nobuo Uematsu, written by Kazushige Nojima  and performed by Yosh, and it’s a certified tune. 

New music isn’t all this trailer brings to the table though, not by a long shot. I’ll leave it to you to watch (and re-watch) this thing enough times to truly soak it all in, but there are so many great reveals here. Red XII, Scarlett, Hojo, Palmer and even Reeve make an appearance, as well as oh my Gaia young Cloud and Tifa.

Let’s not pretend that the whole Honey Bee sequence is not the most important thing here, though. Cloud. Looks. Amazing in a dress:

There’s also a very nice behind-the-scenes video of the recording of Hollow, which is worth a watch if you love the track as much as I do:

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to PS4 on April 10th, 2020, and we will have plenty more coverage for you as that date inches closer.

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