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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Is Releasing In November And New Melee DPS Job Revealed

Reaping what was sown

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2021 went underway today and a bunch of news regarding the upcoming Endwalker expansion was revealed. Fans were eagerly awaiting news regarding a few things within the upcoming expansion and director Naoki Yoshida brought the goods, announcing the following:

  • New Melee job – Reaper
    • Uses the two-handed Scythe as its weapon
    • Requires at least one combat class at level 70 and starts at the city of Ul’Dah
    • Makes use of Maiming Gear which is currently only used by the Lancer/Dragoon job
  • 5 new role quests as a part of Endwalker, similar to how it was handled in Shadowbringers
  • A bunch of new areas including Old Sharlyan and Thavnair
  • A collector’s edition which features some art prints, a statue of the Warrior of Light, an Azem Pin, and some in-game goodies. Available digitally as well, save for the physical goodies
  • Male Vieras will be available as a playable race (bunny boys)
  • Endwalker will only be available digitally
  • Endwalker will be releasing on November 23, 2021, and preorders will have early access to the expansion
  • Data Centre travel will become available sometime between patch 5.55 and 6.0 (Endwalker)

Watch the video below

or click here

Endwalker marks the end of the Hydaelyn vs Zodiark story which has been an integral part of FFXIV for an incredibly long time. Everything after 6.0 will be going towards a new story, marking a new era for the game.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest still has more to go tomorrow, with the Producer Live Letter. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

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