First Reviews For PS5 Exclusive Godfall Indicate It’s Bang Average

Reviews for PS5 games have started dropping tonight and one game in particular I was keen to see reviews for was Godfall, the PS5 exclusive looter-slasher from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing (yes it’s also launching on PC via Epic Games Store). Of all the launch PS5 games, Godfall was the one that I couldn’t work out and whether I wanted it or not. On one hand it looked stylish and cool, on the other, well, it’s an online-only looter-slasher – a game that was/is destined to grind my gears no doubt. However, (un)surprisingly the initial reviews for Godfall aren’t looking to crash hot. They’re not bad either, with the game currently sitting on a Metacritic score of 62 (no OpenCritic score currently but the current Meta score would put in Weak territory), which indicates that it’s just a bang average experience. Take reviews as you will, but below we’ve collated a handful of Godfall’s early reviews which may help you with those launch day purchases.

GamesRadar – 3.5/5

“Godfall is definitely a bit of an odd one. There’s great combat but its focus on rerunning encounters to grind for progress might not sit well with everyone – using repetition to extract as much value as it can from every square foot of its level. However, when taking down a group of enemies in a flurry of blows, or perfectly dismantling a giant boss’s attack pattern, it nails that unthinking reactive, totally in the zone moment and can feel amazing.”
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Digital Trends – 2.5/5

“Godfall offers a lot of promise with its impressive visuals and impactful combat, but those highlights are lost in a sparse dungeon crawler that sells its strengths short. It’s far different than the Destiny 2 clone fans were anticipating, but that live service style may have been a better fit for its commitment to loot grinding.”
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Shacknews – 7/10

“Despite early concerns about how generic it might be, I had really hoped that Godfall would turn out to be a great game to help usher in the next generation of gaming. Unfortunately, what might have looked like a fine jewel in the glint from your flashlight is really just a shiny piece of glass that leaves a lot to be desired. If you want a fairly mindless RPG experience that offers some different weapons and gear to mess around with, then Godfall will give you at least a few hours of fun. Just don’t expect a fantasy story worthy of its inspirations, or a world that fully explores its potential and you’ll be fine.”
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God is a Geek – 8.5/10

“It has brilliant combat and stunning visuals, but under the hood it’s still “one of those” games. It doesn’t thrust multiplayer upon you, saving that for the end-game, and it feels like a solo adventure for large parts of the game. It won’t be for everyone, yet I found myself dying to go back every time I stopped. The combat is just so good, and the draw of smashing enemies with such thunderous force was always compelling. Yes, under it all it’s a grind-based loot game, but it’s a very good one and makes so few of the missteps its contemporaries mate. Out of the box this game doesn’t need major loot overhauls, or huge redesigns: it’s not ashamed of what it is, and it does what it intends very well, and because of all of that, it’s one of the biggest surprises of the year.”
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EGM – 2/5

“There’s the germ of an interesting game here, but for all the ambitions to start a new genre at the start of a new generation, Counterplay built something that plays more like a forgotten title from the PS2 era: overly complicated, cumbersome, and ignorant of so many of the design advancements of the past two generations.”
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TheGamer – 2.5/5

“When you’re not completing a mission, you’re back at your hub selecting between one of the 12 heavily armored furry costumes, upgrading your weapons, or talking to two uninteresting NPCs. Godfall needs a reason to keep playing it because there’s nothing here to pull you back after the credits roll. Yes, you can fight tougher versions of the monsters you’ve killed via the Dreamstones missions – which allow you to unlock buffs that affect combat – but the hub feels even more soulless when you’re done. Right at the end, something happens that affects one of the NPCs back at your base. When you return, though, it’s like nothing happened. They’re just there, and you can’t interact with them.”
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That’s the round up of all reviews that I can see published at the moment. Have your thoughts on Godfall changed? Still planning to grab it tomorrow while collecting your shiny new PS5? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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