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Five Franchises Monster Hunter World Should Crossover With Next

It’s the monster mash!

Monster Hunter World has had an impressive run since its release in January last year. While the game was a huge success at launch, Capcom has kept the momentum going by adding post-launch content along the way, particularly by mashing together other franchises into the series. While it started out with simple costumes for franchises like Horizon Zero Dawn, Street Fighter and Assassin’s Creed, before meatier content in the form of monster battles from Final Fantasy made their way into the game. More recently, Capcom partnered with CD Projekt RED to bring its beloved Witcher series into the fold, adding a new campaign line where you play as Geralt hunting a Leshen (a monster from the Witcher series). Why it works so well in fact, is that the Witcher series makes perfect sense for Monster Hunter given that’s what Geralt does. I think it’s a clever way to celebrate popular franchises while breathing new life into the juggernaut hit. Below are five other examples of how Capcom can offer similar additions to the Witcher and Final Fantasy DLC using classical, yet appropriate choices.

Monster BOI

Kratos, Hræzlyr and the Frost Axe (God of War)

God of War was a massive hit last year earning multiple game of the year awards and selling truckloads of copies. More importantly, Kratos has ascended to one of the most recognisable and beloved characters as a result. Kratos’ latest adventure takes him into a fantastical setting full of giant monsters while crushing them with his Thor-like frost axe. Its unique functionality in chopping giant monsters is a hallmark of the Monster Hunter series and having an opportunity to use Kratos’ Leviathan axe to take down a Rathalos and slay the mighty Hræzlyr would be nothing short of godly.

Simon Belmont, Dracula and the Vampire Killer (Castlevania)

One of the first monster hunters to grace the video game space was Simon Belmont in the retro classic Castlevania. Since then the series has had multiple sequels, a successful animated Netflix series and guest spots in a number of big titles. Simon’s whip would be an interesting weapon of choice in a Monster Hunter game and going up against Dracula himself would be a nightmare come true.

Slay Alduin a gazillion more times!

Dovahkiin and Alduin (Elder Scrolls)

Alduin is one of the most iconic dragons in video game history, making his debut in the 2011 smash hit The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I can imagine my hunter right now, covered in Daedric armor as Alduin lunges at me from the skies above. Monster Hunter is a game that prides itself on dragon slaying so this one is a no-brainer.

A Lovecraft letter to the fans

Yharnam Hunter, Cleric Beast and the Saw Cleaver (Bloodborne)

As soon as I saw Vaal Hazak in Monster Hunter World along with the Switch-Axe, I immediately thought of Bloodborne. In Bloodborne, players also assume the role of the hunter taking down huge beasts while using a trickster weapon that transforms between combos. The Hunter outfit set is iconic and the Cleric Beast really is a sight to behold. This would be a perfect fit for the game.

Clever girl

Aloy, Thunder Jaw and the Sling-Shot (Horizon Zero Dawn)

I’m cheating with this one because technically Aloy was already offered as a costume during the launch of Monster Hunter World. But ultimately, I felt it was underwhelming and a huge missed opportunity. This was predominately due to the fact, Horizon’s best aspects were its unique weaponry and the opportunity to track and hunt giant machine-like dinosaurs (the true stars of the game) and harvest them for their parts. Sound familiar? Throw in a Thunderjaw Capcom!

Well there you have it. It’s unlikely that all or any of these would ever come Monster Hunter World, especially due to the fact that its meaty expansion Iceborne is on its way. However, one can’t hurt to dream and I would be up for the Japanese giant to consider these for the next entry!

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