Fjord Noir Mystery Game Draugen Hitting Consoles In February

Fjord Noir Mystery Game Draugen Hitting Consoles In February

When I rolled credits on Draugen in May last year after playing it on PC I had one of the rare moments where I felt both sad and satisfied. Draugen was such an exceptional narrative experience that I was sad that it was over after only a few hours, but on the other hand the short length is what helped make it more impactful. I ended up giving the game a 9.5 in my review, stating that: “Draugen is a superbly written and performed emotional tale that will leave a lasting impact.”

It’s a quote that was used in the game’s launch trailer and in the time since it’s launched I’ve thought about the game a lot – so much so that it was a part of my Game of the Year conversation.

However being a PC-only release meant that not as many people got to experience it. A console version had been announced,  but no release date had been given. Until now.

Draugen will finally launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on February 21, with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X receiving visual enhancements. I’m excited for more players to experience the excellence of Red Thread Games’ work.

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