#GirlGeekGames – Overwatch Workshop Hitting Melbourne

#GirlGeekGames – Overwatch Workshop Hitting Melbourne

The awesome crew over at GirlGeekGames are piloting the first ever #GirlGeekGames Workshop – this one is for girls aged 13-17 who want to learn how to play games in a fun, supportive and no-pressure environment. These won’t be just any games – these are the games that are featured in competitive tournaments around the world, and with the first ever Melbourne Esports Open happening in September it’s the perfect time to get into (or get further into!) the gaming community.

What you will learn:

  • What roles am I good at? You will critically think about what you are good when playing games e.g. are you good at stealth? Are you good at spotting danger? Are you a good supporting person?
  • How to communicate with your team, what are the best ways to make sure your team
  • Make new friends to play games with
  • Critically think about game design and theorise strategies for game play, problem solving quickly is key!

And thanks to the amazing peeps at PLE Computers, This workshop will be totally free.

You can learn more about the awesome crew at GirlGeekAcademy here.

The #GirlGeekGames workshop takes place tomorrow, Thursday 12 July at The Arcade, South Melbourne from 10am till 4pm.



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