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Gorgeous Tell Me Why Vinyl Soundtrack Coming From iam8bit

Dontnod or you’ll miss it

Boutique video game merch specialist iam8bit has just opened pre-orders on a very handsome vinyl soundtrack from Dontnod Entertainment’s Tell Me Why.

The LP, featuring the game’s score by Ryan Lott, nestled in one heck of a jacket. Designed by Theo Randall it’s a quilted, tactile outer that represents the strong sense of feeling in the game, with art that evokes its aesthetic and themes of duality.

You can check it out at iam8bit, as well as read our review of Tell Me Why right here.

From the iam8bit website:

“Developer DONTNOD has become synonymous with both evocative and progressive narrative design, pushing game story into a brave new space with Tell Me Why. Music plays a critical role in that emotional expression, with the score by Ryan Lott deepening the entire experience in a way that is both beautifully bold and subtly nuanced. It’s an incredibly intricate composition, weaving a complex and acoustically thoughtful story. It’s such a uniquely personal soundtrack that the album art had to be something incredibly intimate too. Artist Theo Randall’s approach is nothing short of perfection, employing hand-quilted, linotype-stamped and painstaking applique techniques for a truly original take on the idea of album art. To accentuate these handmade tactile qualities, the jacket is embossed and debossed, so when you run your hand across it, your senses are activated, bringing you closer to the musical journey of the telepathic twins, Tyler and Alyson.”

The Tell Me Why Vinyl soundtrack is expected to ship in Q1 2022 and can be pre-ordered now for USD $39.99 (around AU $70 including international shipping).

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