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Half-Life Mod Lets You Play As Spyro

Wake up and smell the ashes

Modders: Is there anything they can’t do? From ambitions projects like creating a Red Alert FPS to simply making Skyrim‘s mudcrabs well-dressed, there’s no limit to their unimaginable (and terrifying) power.

But there’s a woeful lack of dragon-themed mods for Valve games. Why can’t I play as a mana wyrm in Team Fortress 2? Where’s the option to give Half LIfe 2’s Combine soldiers big scaley wings? Tell me why I can’t play as Spyro in Half-Life! 

Oh wait, we can? Awesome.

ModDB user Magic_Nipples, partly responsible for bringing the XBLA-exclusive Portal content to PC, has released something truly special today. Half-Life: Year of the Dragon brings the feisty purple dragon into the grim and gritty world of Valve’s original masterpiece.

Almost all of Spyro’s abilities have been ported into Half-Life’s aging GoldSource engine; fire-breathing, charging, and even gliding are fully-functional. The animations are even frame-perfect replications of the originals! Magic_Nipples wants to add further Spyro mechanics like Sparx in later releases.

To download it and check it out for yourself, click here. You’ll need a copy of Half-Life already installed to play it. Still need convincing? Here’s five minutes of gameplay:

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