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Halo: Combat Evolved Gets New Missions, 4K Support And ‘Vastly Improved Graphics’ With A New Mod

Breathing new life into a 2001 game

Arguably one of the best benefits of PC gaming is the modding community, as seen with all the Thomas The Tank Engine mods put into… well pretty much any game. Halo: Combat Evolved is no different, with one of the most notable mods being Halo SPV3 (short for Singleplayer Version 3) receiving quite a hefty update today, adding a whole bunch of features.

For the uninformed, SPV3 is a mod which enhances the visuals of Halo: Combat Evolved as well as adding in new sections, enemies, weapons, vehicles and even an entirely new difficulty mode. It seems these changes were not enough, as SPV3.2 just launched, updating the well-received mod to add even more improved visuals.

Watch the trailer below

or click here

Coming in at a hefty 3.5GB, Halo SPV3.2 aims to enrich your Halo PC experience even more than before by adding six new missions as well as adding 4K support. The new update also makes some changes to the previous 11 missions and brings in some assets from Halo 2 by the looks and sound of it (the launch trailer has Halo 2 music).

If you would like you install this mod for yourself, you will need a working Halo: Custom Edition CD Key (I’m not going to show you how to get that, but it’s not hard). The installer should handle the rest all by itself, including the installation of Halo: Custom Edition, and can be downloaded here.

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