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How to Determine Your Ping in Black Ops IIII

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If you often find yourself getting yeeted on while the enemy dabs on your corpse in Black Ops IIII, it may not just be a lack of skill. The franchise is well known for having some dicey netcode, but Treyarch has been kind enough to include a live ping tracker to give you some indication of your connection quality. The only problem is they’ve hidden it in a few menus, so here’s where to find it.

In the multiplayer section, hit the options button and go to Network:

From here you can reveal what the game thinks is your geographical location (spoiler alert: I live in Melbourne, not Orange), and the all important ping tracker:

You can also access this menu by hitting the Options button in-game, but it’s still not exactly the smoothest operation. In general, a ping below 50 ms is desirable, and for a game of this ilk a ping above 100 ms is thoroughly undesirable, but lag compensation will still allow you to play.

The game warns that this ping tracker is only for ‘advanced’ players, so I guess…be careful with this information?

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