Inside is Getting a Collector’s Edition in Collaboration With RealDoll

Inside is Getting a Collector’s Edition in Collaboration With RealDoll

Today in news that nobody could have ever predicted, video game/geek culture collectible online store iam8bit have announced that they’re partnering with none other than RealDoll to produce an exclusive collector’s edition for Playdead’s incredible indie adventure Inside.

Not much has been announced about the actual contents of the CE, aside from a physical PS4 copy of Inside, and steam codes for both Inside and Playdead’s other title, LimboSupposedly, the secret will remain secret until the thing ships. Punters will have to drop $375 plus shipping to find out, and have until June 8, 2018 to secure one before orders are cut off forever.

Anyone who’s played Inside will likely have a very solid theory on what RealDoll’s contribution to this package will be, and if accurate I’m ridiculously curious to see this thing in the flesh. So to speak.

What could it be?

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