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Isoland Now Available On iOS

A Point-and-Click Puzzle Adventure Awaits!

RedFish Game Studio is pleased to announced the release of ISOLAND on iOS as of today. Set on an remote island, the game delivers an intriguing mix of old-school point-and-click gameplay with the off-kilter, unsettling atmosphere of the 1998 film, Dark City. If you have fond memories of LucasArts adventure classics and a taste for difficult puzzles, you’ll get a kick out of Isoland. You’ll probably also lose a few hours of sleep.

With Isoland, we wanted to translate the feeling of loneliness — of losing your way — to a point-and-click adventure unlike anything else on iOS. Beautiful boats, seagulls and other eye-catching scenery hide an uneasy truth: Something feels amiss about Isoland. We hope players will enjoy the (many) mind-boggling puzzles in store for them — and that they eventually find a way off the island!

Check out the trailer below”

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