JB HIFI Are Selling The Nintendo Switch For $399 – One Day Only

JB HIFI Are Selling The Nintendo Switch For $399 – One Day Only

How many of you have been sitting around green with envy at the fact that you are unable to play some of 2017’s best games because you don’t own a Nintendo Switch? If two of the highest rated games of 2017 (Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey) were not enough to get you aboard the Nintendo Switch train already, then this deal from Uncle JB might be the clincher you’ve been waiting for.

Good guy JB HIFI, who has some cracking Black Friday deals, has perhaps unleashed the best deal of them all: the Nintendo Switch console for a crazy $399.

Given Nintendo’s reluctance so far to drop the console’s price, this $70 reduction is a Godsend for many who have been either on the fence about buying the Switch or simply waiting for a price drop.

The $399 price will apply to both the grey and neon coloured consoles. However, there is one caveat, the deal is valid for one day only (November 24). If you are planning to take advantage of this hot deal it is advised that you do so as early as possible, as this is bound to be an in-demand item given how many Christmas lists contain a Nintendo Switch.

Click here to purchase a grey coloured Nintendo Switch console

Click here to purchase a neon coloured Nintendo Switch console

Will you be taking advantage of the cheap Nintendo Switch?

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