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Juicy Cupcake’s Kickstarter for Brief Battles Is Live

May your butt reign supreme

A very exciting Kickstarter for one of Kieran’s top indie picks from PAX 2017, Brief Battles, has recently gone live.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Brief Battles, developed by two-man team Juicy Cupcake hailing from Adelaide, South Australia is an upcoming fast-paced, underwear-fueled platform fighter.

As briefly mentioned, this game is being created by a two-man team (just let that sink in for a moment), who have been honing in on their skills for almost five years, with Brief Battles being their first major title release!

So, what exactly is Brief Battles?

Well, Brief Battles is a game (similar in playstyle to Smash Bros) in which players must conquer their foes with flaming hot pants, buns of steel, toxic tighty-whities, and more. This game will feature over-the-top gameplay, colourful heroes, crazy game modes, and hilarious combat powers.

More specifically the game will feature;

  • A variety of super-powered underpants that grant the player specific combat powers,
  • Six cute, plump, wobbly and agile playable heroes,
  • The use of sticky ‘nub-hands’ in order to manoeuvre around the map and take down foes,
  • Treacherous arenas with vibrant visuals, interactive elements and hazards,
  • Dominating up to three friends in classic or underpants-themed game modes,
  • Solo challenges and co-op fun.

For those interested in funding the game here’s a taste of some of the rewards you can expect (please note that certain rewards are tied to certain backer tiers);

  • Have your name in the credits,
  • Backer exclusive hero skins,
  • Digital artbook,
  • Closed beta access,
  • Brief Battles coffee mug,
  • Brief Battles t-shirt,
  • Limited edition physical art book,
  • Brief Battles hoodie,
  • Digital art of you as a Brief Battles hero.
  • And much, much more!


To back this project and find out more about the game itself and its backer rewards, head over to the page here.

So, what are your thoughts on this game? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

Written By

Tegan began gaming with her father when they would play Street Fighter together on her Nan’s PlayStation. Since then she has fallen in love with indie games, AAA games (I’m looking at you Tekken) and everything in between. Starting off as a console player, and more specifically an Xbox player, Tegan has now recently begun her new gaming ventures on PC. You can find her playing dating sims on Steam @carrotphernelia if you so wish.




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