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League of Legends – The Next Round Of The Oceanic Pro Ladder Is Here

Be the very best. Like nobody ever was..

If you’re an aspiring pro player, now’s the time to get your team together, group up and have a run at the Oceanic Pro League, because it all starts here.


Starting from February, the OOL will officially commence. Fortnightly tournaments will be held on Saturdays and Sundays, so you’ll get every other week off. The top two teams at the conclusion of five tournaments will play in the OCS Promotion Tournament, where they’ll have a shot at making it into the Oceanic Challenger Series.

Participating Tournaments:
Five OOL tournaments will be held from February 4th to April 1st. After that, the top two teams will qualify for the OCS Promotion Tournament!
Stage Date
Round 1 Feb 4th/5th
Round 2 Feb 18th/19th
Round 3 March 4th/5th
Round 4 March 18th/19th
Playoffs April 1st

Tournament Details:

Join The Oceanic Open Ladder: Your path to pro starts right here on Battlefy. Through the OOL Battlefy page, you can register your team for each tournament, check out the brackets, and scope out the competition. Individual tournament details will also be accessible from the Battlefy page.

Tournament Structure: Each OOL tournament is run over two days:

Day 1 (Preliminaries) will be a round robin tournament, providing an opportunity for al lteams to gain experience in a competitive environment and get used to playing against a variety of teams. The round robin will see approximately four games played within groups, with the top two teams from each group moving into playoffs.

Day 2 (Playoffs) of competition will be a single elimination bracket with best-of-1 play up until the finals, which will be best-of-3. Up to 32 teams will receive points depending on their placing in playoffs.

It’s important to know that your placement in both days count towards your points total i.e. your ranking within groups and your ranking in playoffs matter. You’ll be rewarded for consistently participating in tournaments, assuming you perform well enough.

How Do You Qualify For The OCS? By accruing points! Points earned directly correlate to where you place at the end of the two day tournament. These tournaments stack up to an end placement where we invite the top teams to fight for their spot in the OCS.

Here’s a breakdown of how points will be allocated:

Standings Preliminaries Playoff
1st 20 90
2nd 15 60
3rd 10 40
4th 5 30
5th-8th 0 20
9th-16th N/A 10
17th-32nd N/A 5

For more info on the structure, check out the full OOL rulebook here.


Standing Prize
1st 3200 RP + Triumphant Ryze
2nd 2800 RP
3rd 2100 RP
4th 1100 RP
5th-8th 800 RP
9th-16th 500 RP

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