Limited Edition Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle Threatens My Wallet

Limited Edition Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle Threatens My Wallet

For those of us with a love for Monster Hunter, and a hatred for spare cash – something wicked this way comes.

The PS4 Pro ‘Rathalos’ edition is a sleek, sexy Monster Hunter World-themed thing, that features subtle artwork showcasing the monster Rathalos (a kind-of-a-dragon, also bird, thing) on the top of the console in a light grey, with some stark red accents to add some gorgeous contrast. The top of the console also has the Monster Hunter World logo in gold, to match some gold loot logos along the front.

There is also a matching controller, in the same signature red – an in my opinion, this is the most stunning part of the bundle. The red is a beautiful deep colour, with some black detailing along the handgrips – and a smattering of gold detail just for flavour.

The bundle also includes a physical copy of Monster Hunter World, alongside some additional digital content, such as a dynamic PS4 theme and two in-game bonuses: the Origin armor set and Fair Wind charm.

Retail vendors such as EB Games have already started advertising this impressive bundles at $659.95AUD (with additional trade incentives to reduce cost) so it’s appears to be a pricey beast, but in the grand scheme of things it’s a fairly apt cost for a PS4 Pro + a physical copy of the game.

If you are excited for Monster Hunter World and are yet to grab a PS4 Pro, this may be an opportune time to crack the piggy bank!

Monster Hunter World will release worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming later this year.

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