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Loverwatch Secret Ending Walkthrough

How to make the most of your Valentine’s affections

Overwatch 2 has dropped it’s official (but non-canon) dating sim, Loverwatch – and the many astute enthusiasts have picked up on many clues that promise both a Secret Ending, as well as an in-game reward for finding said ending.

The purpose of this walkthrough is to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to follow your heart – and to of course get some free Overwatch 2 swag while you are at it!

Upon starting the game, you will have an opportunity to choose your name for the adventure. While this does not impact your experience, I felt the moniker Burt Handsome would be more than fitting for all things romantic.

You will also meet the co-star of this incredible love adventure – the spritely Cupid, who strongly resembles Hanzo Shimada.

Your initial conversation with Hanzo Cupid seems to just be an ice breaker, with some fun banter that sets the tone for this game. I was unable to find any dialogue options that would result in a fail-state, but as a general rule of thumb throughout this guide: If a dialogue option seems overtly silly/negative, it will likely harm your chances at love.

A bit like real life, so don’t be a bone head and mess it up!

Your first location is a comedy club, and it is here that you will set your eyes upon the object of your desires:

  • Mercy, the winged healing wonder angel
  • Genji, the shuriken slinging cyborg ninja

In order to unlock the secret ending, you objective is to win the hearts of both these eligible suitors. In this guide, I will detail the sections and critical dialogue choices that worked for me to achieve true love for both.


Angela Ziegler is characterised in this game as a shy and somewhat introverted martyr – worried that the world only perceives her as a miracle worker, and not a person. As a romance option, your job is to prove that you care about who she is, rather than just what she does.

So let’s get started!

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Mercy First Date

Upon setting your eyes upon Mercy, your first challenge is a quiz from Cupid about all things Mercy-related. Sure, you can crank open the Overwatch Fan Wiki (the game even jests that you could do so) – but the trick here is that the quiz is full of trick questions and half answers! Sneaky Cupid.

Quiz Answers for Mercy:

Question 1: What is Mercy’s real name? (No correct answer needed)

  • Angela Zeigler
  • Mrs. <Your Username Here>

Question 2: What is Mercy’s favourite food? (No correct answer needed)

  • Chocolate
  • The tears of careless DPS players

Question 3: What is Dr. Ziegler’s field of research?

  • Biology.
  • Healing. Duh.
  • She has a PhD in Heroes never Die-ism
  • This is rigged! There are no right answers! (“Correct” answer)

Question 4: What would impress such an accomplished woman?

  • I’m a pretty nice person.
  • I’m really funny. (“Correct” answer)
  • I’ll tell her how many hours I clocked on Overwatch.
  • Can’t I just say hi?

With your Mercy-affection job interview done, it’s now time to make your move. The best way to break the ice? Making a goofy medical joke, live on stage.

If you selected “I’m really funny” as an answer to your fourth question, Cupid will happily shove a live microphone in your face. Mercy is looking right at you now, so better choose a great rib-tickler.

Joke options:

  • Mercy, do you want to hear my favorite joke about the periodic table?
  • Why doesn’t the surgeon like operating on elbows? (“Correct” answer)

The elbows joke is actually good enough to get an IRL chuckle out of me, so it must be the right answer. And sure enough – now you are chatting with the Doctor herself. Start by greeting her in a way that shows you understand that she is a proper medical doctor – not just a magical healer.

  • Hey Dr. Ziegler

A short conversation about funny bones and the ulnar nerve will follow, before you will have the chance to tell her:

  • Has anyone ever told you that you’re hilarious?

And now you can have another laugh as you debate whether laughter really is the best medicine. At this point you have nailed your first date – and the lovely Dr. Ziegler would like to see you for a second! Destination? Café Azur in Circuit Royal!

Mercy Second Date

After nailing the comedy club, it’s time to grab some food in a classy restaurant. Easy, right? Well, it’s not off to a great start – Mercy is running late. Enjoy a little chit chat with Cupid, before the poor flustered doctor arrives.

While you will be given the option to poke fun at her lateness, better to play it safe.

  • Happens to the best of us

So, time to order food. While the options are great, any Mercy fan worth their wings will know that one of these dishes is in the Official Overwatch Recipe Book. And! It’s specifically a recipe from Mercy herself – so, let’s impress her by ordering…

  • Bircher Muesli

Yes! A double whammy. You get to impress the lovely lady, AND have breakfast for dinner.

Time for polite conversation. While it may be tempting to dig into the grim business of being a medic for Overwatch, why not focus on Angela’s interests?

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  • What kind of hobbies do you enjoy?

Now, as excited as I was to hear that Angela likes natural minerals and crystals – it broke my heart when I remembered this game is titled as non-canon. I will personally accept it as personal canon though: Because crystals are awesome.

Next, you’ll get to ask a slightly more hard-hitting question – but a safe one.

  • What does being a hero feel like?

You’ll get a rather raw glimpse at the weight on her shoulders – and a surprisingly touching look at the kind of pressure that comes with being such a public figure. Thankfully, you can offer some support.

  • I need you Angela

A sensitive appeal to the individual, which is just what Angela needs. Don’t we all?

Another date! And this one is taking you to Cairo – spending a day with Mercy as she does some doctoring. Hopefully you can help as best you can!

Cupid should be pretty chuffed with your progress so far.

Mercy Third And Final Date

Through the magic of fast future travel, you arrive in Cairo and set about helping Dr. Ziegler with running her clinic. It’s not quite as glamorous as an Overwatch battle field, but it is important work – and you are assisting the very best.

Now it’s time to encounter the first Boss Encounter of Loverwatch – Mercy’s Coffee.

It isn’t fantastic, but we all know what the smart option is.

  • Drink it enthusiastically

Your fortitude will not go unnoticed either, because a Cairo local will comment on it – Ana Amari, mother of Pharah and cast member of Overwatch.

Mercy will attempt to introduce you, and you can step in to assist.

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  • Date. I am Angela’s date.

With this dialogue option, you will have two great outcomes – a very impressed Ana, and a blushing Mercy.

Cupid will drop by to check in on you and ask how things are going, let him know:

  • Yeah, I am pretty confident!

Mercy will then address you and ask you about your experience so far, and when the option comes make sure to select:

  • Follow her

After a touching sentiment, you are finally faced with your ultimate outcome – you have come so far, don’t screw it up now!

  • Accept Mercy’s Love

Your ending screen is the stuff of dreams – soaring above the clouds with Mercy in her Valkyrie suit.

With this chapter done, you will be returned to the main menu. Don’t forgot to hit up the Rewards option and redeem the goodies you have just been awarded for having completed your Mercy love arc.

And now, to do similar with our cyborg-ninja friend.


Genji Shimada is characterised in this game as a quiet and contemplative loner – worried that the actions of his past will forever define his future. As a romance option, your job is to provide comfort to someone who is struggling with their identity.

So let’s get started!

Genji First Date

You are back in the comedy club, but this time your eyes have spotted a particularly dashing Ninja. Better tell cupid about it, and make sure you specify that you are:

  • Love-struck

Cupid will offer some guidance, but also can’t help but make mention that Genji can be difficult. Almost like they have some kind of prior relationship – but who knows. Finish your banter with some judgemental words, such as…

  • Yeesh. You’re being really judgmental for a vessel of love, or whatever

Now you are free to approach Genji. While being a cyborg AND a ninja are dead-ass exciting, maybe stick with something that he isn’t overtly well known for – like his dress sense.

  • I really like your outfit

It’s a great icebreaker. Genji will even compliment your name – and mention that it reminds him of a game. If you chose a particularly goofy name, this is a great laugh moment, and you can even lie through your teeth and share his enthusiasm.

  • I love that game!

Like with Mercy, you will get an opportunity to jump on stage and tell a joke. Genji has been rather quiet all night, and you are unsure if he is enjoying himself – so why not share a little gag to cheer him up?

You can select either joke topic to succeed, but personally I feel that pointing out ‘What kind of shoes does a ninja wear?’ is the stronger of the jokes. Genji will absolutely get a kick out of your efforts, so mission accomplished.

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When you return to Genji, make sure to impart that:

  • Making you laugh was the goal

With this done, you have nailed your first meeting with Genji – and he wants to go on a second date! Of course, let us return to the Café Azur.

Genji Second Date

Upon arriving at the swanky restaurant, you will find that your ninja friend is quite punctual. A comment will be made about wearing the same clothes as the last date, but make sure you tell your love-wingman that if you owned a hoodie as cool as that, you’d also wear it all the time.

Genji will ask about your journey to the café, and you can fill him in on a shared interest!

  •  I had lots of time for gaming

Now, food. If you followed the Mercy guide, you will be aware that one of these culinary options is intrinsically linked to Genji – so make sure to order:

  • Genji’s Favourite Food

Rikimaru Ramen, coming right up! While the establishment wasn’t quite expecting a dish of this calibre, of course the robotic wait staff are absolutely programmed to accept that the customer is always right. While the dish will arrive and look amazing, there is a finishing touch missing. An opportunity will arise to leave the table briefly.

Upon your return, Genji will be a little morose.

  • Is everything okay?

Genji will explain to you that while you were away from the table, he was recognised by someone. And that someone openly chastised him for the events of the Blackwatch Incident. Poor guy needs some comfort, so start with:

  • I’m so sorry Genji.

And to really make a connection, make sure you…

  • Reach out and hold his hand.

For a guy who has really been through the wars, this is just what he needs. Enjoy your meal, and you will find that Genji will indeed like to see you again. This time, you are going to Nepal!

Genji Third And Final Date

Cupid seems pretty thrilled with how you are doing, but he can’t help but let drop a hint about another possible romantic suitor besides Genji and Mercy. While this is salient info, it has nothing to do with our current trajectory – so finish your ascent to the top of the mountain, where Genji is waiting for you at the monastery.

Genji will ask about your hike, feel free to let him know that it was nothing if it meant you got to see him again.

  • It was worth it here to be with you

Expectedly, your moment with Genji is interrupted by an onlooker who has decided to introduce themselves. It’s Zenyatta, Shambali Monk and mentor to Genji. A bit like meeting Genji’s adopted dad – so this date is taking a serious swing. Why not greet him in the traditional way:

  • Give him a fist bump

The next section is a nice affirming chat with Zenyatta, and I couldn’t find anything that resembled a fail-state – so just feel free to chat with Zen until Genji decides to hit you wit a very deep question.

Can one truly know their true self?

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  • I’m not sure, but you can try.

This drops you both into a very philosophical space, with Genji talking about how every step on his current path lead him to where he is today – and that includes leading him to you. Incredibly touching, and it leads to exactly what you are after…

  • Accept Genji’s Love

Your ending is a tender one, where Genji can finally let his guard down around someone (quite literally) and share his true self with you. Well done!

With this chapter done, you will be returned to the main menu. Make sure to hit up the Rewards option and redeem your Genji goodies for having completed the cyborg ninja love arc.

The Final Suitor

Having woo’d both Mercy and Genji, you can now press the NEW GAME button, and discover that a certain someone has interrupted you.

Of course, it is Hanzo Cupid making it known that you are a paragon of romance, and that he too would like experience your companionship. While this section is shorter than the others, it’s mostly just a short little bonus section to present you with rewards.

Enjoy your romantic chat with Cupid, and receive his gift – an arrow, directly from his quiver. The credits will roll, showing that you have attained the true ending of Loverwatch!

With everyone sufficiently cared for and lovestruck, you will be returned to the main menu. Now you can hit up the Rewards option and redeem your final Cupid goodies, rewarding you with another player icon – and a unique in-game title to be released at a later date. Personally I hope it’s Heart-Throb.

With all this done you have completed all of the main objectives of Loverwatch! Hopefully this guide helped you find true love – and if you are curious where your freebies are, please note that they can take up to 48 hours to arrive.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Written By Ash Wayling

Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games


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