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Magic The Gathering’s Newest Expansion Streets Of New Capenna Hits Shelves Today

Commit some card-based crimes!

If you thought timeless trading card game Magic the Gathering was missing a war between fantasy crime families in a noir-inspired art deco city full of angels and demons then you’re in luck – that’s exactly what the brand-new Streets of New Capenna expansion is providing as it launches today.

The 281-card new set pits five crooked crime families against one another, each with their own mob boss and unique gameplay mechanic. The Obscura, The Maestros, The Riveteers, The Cabaretti and The Brokers await players, all representing tri-colour factions with their own Commander Decks available for keen players to get stuck straight in with their favourite family.

Much like the last expansion, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, some of the coolest new cards to hopefully pull in this new set are the gorgeous full-art land cards (of which there are again 10 in total). Just look at them:

Plains Full Art New Capenna Basic Lands Island New Capenna Full Art Basic Lands List Swamp Streets of New Capenna Basic Lands Full Art Mountain All 10 Full Art Basic Lands New Capenna Forest Full Art Basic Lands New Capenna List

You can find out all the important details on Streets of New Capenna here, or pick up some boosters or a Commander Deck at JB Hi-Fi and EB Games.

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