Mario-Inspired Creation Pulled From Dreams Following A Nintendo Copyright Claim

Mario-Inspired Creation Pulled From Dreams Following A Nintendo Copyright Claim

Media Molecule’s Dreams is one of those rare titles that has received almost universal praise (we gave it a perfect 10) by being completely unique and artistically incredible.

Mm has built a crazily accessible development suite that has sparked a huge amount of creativity, with the community creating their very own games with their own characters, music, animations and more. There is a bevvy of original content to be found in the Dreamverse, but with such intuitive tools at the disposal of players, homages and recreations of existing IPs are also abundant.

From a scarily accurate version of PT to a functioning slice of Star Wars Lego complete with stud collection and the satisfying noise that comes with it, the Dreams community has been hard at work recreating iconic games.

The problem, however, is that the characters and likenesses used in these creations are owned by other parties, leaving many to wonder how far the envelope could be pushed. Well thanks to good old Nintendo, we now know.

User Piece_of_Craft created very impressive model of Nintendo’s beloved plumber (that being Mario) and seemingly intended on streaming the creative process they took to accomplish the creation. Nintendo however, not at all keen on their moustached-main-man being used on non-affiliated platforms, pulled the plug on the project, having Sony remove his creations that featured their IPs.

It’s a shame that Piece_of_Craft’s hard work got hit with the copyright hammer, but this is something that was inevitable given the volume of content on the Dreamverse, and as frustrating as it is, at the end of the day it’s a property that is owned by another company.

What do you think? Is this fair enough? Or is Nintendo just being a dick? Let us know.

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