Meet Sombra, the Newest Overwatch Character

Meet Sombra, the Newest Overwatch Character

Hot off the Blizzon opening ceremony, the deafening crescendo of the Sombra hype-train has finally hit paydirt. Sombra has been officially announced, with both an animated short to herald her arrival, as well as a full breakdown of her abilities courtesy of the website.


Many already suspect that she will quickly become a hated thorn in the playerbases side, with her playstyle very focused on both misdirection and shutting down enemy abilities – as showcased to an extent in the new ‘Infiltration‘ animated short.

The Overwatch playerbase breathes a huge sigh of relief to know that the ARG has finally drawn to a close – but now the question must be asked, who is next?


Sombra is live for people attending Blizzcon – Expect her to appear on all platforms soon!

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