Metro 2033 Film in Production

Metro 2033 Film in Production

According to recent reports, Michael De Luca, the ‘mastermind’ behind the 50 Shades of Grey’ film is going to be the producer of a Metro 2033 film adaptation. Much like the games themselves, the movie will be set in the metro network of a post WW3 Moscow. It will mainly follow the escapades of the much beloved protagonist, Artyom, as he fights to survive, eventually coming into contact with the Dark Ones.

However, unlike the games, some characters will not be as blatantly familiar as in the games because the film aims to stick more to the original novel written by author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

“My novel and I have been waiting for this to happen for the last ten years. I have previously been extremely careful about handing my ‘baby’ over to Hollywood producers for adaption for a feature film, but now I feel that it has landed in the right hands. Producers Michael De Luca and Stephen L’Heureux have a great vision for this project, and I feel it’s an honor to work with them.” — Dmitry Glukhovsky

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